The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse begins-again

So yesterday I was supposed to start my 3 day Shakeology cleanse but two shakes into the day I had a really bad sinus headache and couldn’t eat anything for snack or dinner.  I was pretty much out of commission all night 😦  I feel like I got nothing accomplished at all yesterday, and I’m sure my family felt the same way!  I could have still called yesterday Day 1 of the cleanse but  I’m a perfectionist so I decided to start over again 🙂   So today is my first official day of the cleanse and so far so good!  No headache and feeling full after my first shake, so life is good 🙂  I’m making sure to drink a lot of water because I didn’t over the weekend and that is probably what triggered my sinus headache.  I decided to do the cleanse to give me a fresh start to the week and get me back on course and focused with my eat-clean diet.  I also feel that is important to know the product inside and out since I sell it and I can’t promote a cleanse without going through it 🙂  I am a product of the product!  If you choose not to workout during the cleanse then you don’t add anything to the shakes but since I am still continuing my workouts I added a banana for some added calories.  It is important that I have enough energy to get me through my workouts!  I will post my workout later today and  I will also keep you updated on my cleanse.   Also, feel free to check out my websites or for more info on Shakeology and the 3 day cleanse!  Hope you all have a happy, healthy day! 

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