Shakeology cleanse workout-day 1

So I underestimated the lack of energy I would have while doing the Shakeology cleanse.  I had all these double workouts planned for the week but I had to cut it down to one workout a day until I’m done the cleanse; I must listen to my body, something I’m not always good at!  This week the Tone it Up girls posted a workout routine to follow for the week that consists of doing their beach ball workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a 45 minute cardio session on Tuesday and Thursday.  I decided to flip it since I always do 3 days of cardio, so today’s workout was the beach ball workout

and a 15 minute booty workout using the Nike Training Club app.   Hope you all had a great workout today and if you ever feel you need to stop, remember, always listen to your body!

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