So what is this Shakeology drink all about?

What is in Shakeology?


Shakeology is a nutritious shake with over 70 healthy ingredients providing nutrients from 6 key groups: Proteins, vitamins & minerals, Antioxidants. Phyto-nutrients, Pre-biotics and Digestive Enzymes. 6 key, nutritional groups in 1 product make it the Healthiest Meal of the Day.

Nutrition shouldnt be complicated. You dont have to worry anymore about whether youre getting all the nutrients you need from all your other meals, because Shakeology has you covered. Shakeology takes the guess work out of nutrition. You could say its Nutrition Simplified.


Lets start with protein. We all know we need to eat protein but do you know why protein is so important? Its because protein has amino acids. There are 20 amino acids our bodies need but 8 are called Essential because our bodies cant produce them so our food has to supply them.

If you dont eat enough protein, you wont get your essential amino acids. These 8 Essential Amino Acids are critical to the body: some help build and repair muscle, some are responsible for helping us to have healthy shiny hair and good skin, others help the brain to reduce anxiety, ward off depression, reduce hunger pangs and promote calmness and alertness.


Shakeology provides 15-17 grams of whey protein (from milk) which is the most bio-available protein available. (Bio-available means that it is easily absorbed by your body). And because its important to get nutrients from several sources, the way nature intended, Shakeology also provides protein from some superfood plant sources like quinoa, amaranth, and goji berries, resulting in an extremely well-rounded amino acid profile.


Vitamins & minerals serve many functions and help just about every bodily process there is. The food group that has the most vitamins per calorie is vegetables. You may love eating a salad every day for lunch but would you really want to eat a salad shown in this picture? Thats what youd have to eat to get the nutritional equivalent of Shakeology.

Many people dont like eating vegetables. Whether you love eating salads or dont care for veggies, Shakeology has got you covered. If you dont eat enough veggies with every meal, Shakeologys vitamins and minerals will help fill in the nutritional gap. And if you do enjoy eating raw fruits & vegetables Shakeology is insurance that you are getting the balance of all the nutrients you need so you dont have to worry whats in your salad today. Shakeology makes nutrition easier, it takes the guess-work out so you never have to worry.


Anti-oxidants. Free Radicals. Youve all heard these recent buzz-words. But what do they mean? As our cells function in our bodies, they create energy, and they produce free radicals as a byproduct. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules like in air. These unstable, free radicals roam through the body, grabbing onto other molecules, interrupting their normal cell function and leading to all sorts of problems.

Similarly, its the same process that causes a car to rust or an apple to go brown after it’s been cut. Oxidative damage in the body caused by free radicals can lead to all sort of diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, dementia. Luckily, free radicals can be controlled with compounds called antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals.

Check out the photo of this apple. The right side of this apple was covered with a lemon juice solution. The anti-oxidants in the lemon juice protect the fruit from deteriorating or “going brown”. The apple doesn’t just look fresher, it is fresher. The antioxidants have protected the cells of the apple from oxidative damage (same as free radical damage).  Anti-oxidants in your body have much the same effect. The key is to have enough anti-oxidants in your body at all times to help stop the damage before it occurs.

Anti-oxidants are found in abundance in what we call superfoods: foods like acai, green tea, pomegranate, goji berries, and grapeseed just to name a few. The Superfood blend in Shakeology is so potent that Shakeology has been clinically proven to help reduce oxidative damage in the body. The effect was so great that it can even be measured. In fact, participants in our 90 day independent study reduced oxidative damage in their bodies on average by 45% and some even up to 90%!* Who wouldnt want to reduce the damage in their bodies caused by these free radicals??

* Based on a small 90-day independent clinical study where participants replaced one meal per day with Shakeology, exercised three times per week and ate balanced meals.


Phyto-nutrients. What are they? And why do you need them? Phyto-chemicals (or “phyto-nutrients”) are compounds that are produced naturally in plants to protect themselves. Recent research has demonstrated potential in phyto-nutrients protecting humans against diseases.

There are many types of phyto-nutrients including groups like polyphenols, sterols, and flavonoids. These phyto-nutrient groups come from plants in their natural state and science is just beginning to link these to all sorts of health benefits.

There is also evidence from scientific studies that phyto-nutrients from fruits and vegetables may have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and even anti-oxidant properties. Phyto-nutrients in fresh or raw plant foods may be easily destroyed by modern processing techniques, and even cooking at high temperatures. We took great care to find dense whole-food sources of phyto-nutrients like Green Superfoods such as wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, chia, and flax. These plants are thought to boost the immune system and help the body rid itself of toxins.

Additionally there are 8 Adaptogen Herbs in Shakeology (Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil Leaf, Schizandra, Cordyceps, Reishi mushroom, Maca Root and Suma Root), which are special phyto-nutrients with amazing health impacting qualities. No other product on the market utilizes this many in this combination. Adaptogens are plant- derived agents that help the body adapt and protect it from stress. Adaptogenic herbs are unique from other substances in their ability to balance endocrine hormones and the immune system. Shakeology is a cutting edge product that is at the forefront of nutrition.


Pre-biotics are specific nutrients naturally occurring in whole grains, fruits and legumes. They stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, to either grow or become more active, thereby increasing good digestive health.

Our Pre-biotics come mainly from Yacon Root, which has the highest natural form of FOS, a powerful pre-biotic, helping to support regularity, healthy intestinal bacteria, and a strong immune system.


Enzymes help us digest our food. But the enzymes in raw foods are destroyed by heat from cooking. Eating enzyme-dead foods can place a burden on your pancreas (our main digestive gland that secretes most of our digestive enzymes). It can also lead to other organs working too hard, which eventually exhausts them. In this way, cooked foods and processed foods contribute to chronic illness.

Shakeology not only has whole food sources of ingredients, but they are carefully manufactured to minimize the impact processing can have on these valuable nutrients.

Shakeology has also added digestive enzymes to help your body properly digest and benefit from all the nutrition even more.


Shakeology is a low calorie, nutritious shake with amazing health benefits. If you tried eating all those fruits & vegetables shown earlier it would add up to more than 140 calories.

Shakeology can be used as a meal replacement for weight loss or as a healthy snack for optimal health. It comes in 2 delicious flavors: Greenberry and Chocolate.

The packaging is a 30-day supply in a black mylar bag thats resealable. It also comes with a scoop inside. Use a full scoop.

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