The results are in….

So this week felt like a VERY long week and it didn’t help that Monday started off a little rough.  I started the 3 day cleanse on Monday, but due to a migraine, I wasn’t able to follow the diet according to the plan.  I didn’t drink my 3rd shake because I had no appetite but since I took so much medicine I was feeling a little shaky and thought maybe some food would help.  I ended up eating carrots and peanut butter as a snack instead of shakeology but I did have a salad for dinner.  Since I had some peanut butter and that is not part of the diet,  I decided to start over on Tuesday making it my new day 1 of the cleanse.  My daily diet for the week (until Friday) was 3 chocolate shakeologies, an apple, a salad, tea and lots of water.  I never felt hungry because the shakes are very filing but I did miss my iced coffee!  I couldn’t wait for Friday morning to come so I could weigh myself and see if this cleanse really worked!  I ended up losing 4 lbs!!  I was really surprised that I lost some weight because I was eating every 3 hours and never felt hungry!  It is a cleanse though so I guess I should have expected some weight loss.  Well anyway, those are my results and I feel great!  I will be doing this again in September and probably once every month or two.  Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Thoughts and prayers are with anyone on the East Coast who are affected by Hurricane Irene.  Your f1tnessfanatic Coach, Tarnya!

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