Split Challenge

I am not flexible at all and would really love to be able to do a split.  I am inspired by my daughter who can do amazing splits and she’s only 5!  I’ve never been able to do one so I’m setting a goal for myself!   If you would like to join in the challenge comment below!

I do this on the floor and not standing up for those of you who have been asking.  There’s no way I could stand up.  


UPDATE: JANUARY 25, 2017: 

I still cannot do splits.  I haven’t practiced nearly enough as I had wanted to when I posted this.  I have decided to do a 3 Week yoga challenge to help me regain some of my flexibility and eventually work my way to getting the split all the way down.  


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16 thoughts on “Split Challenge

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    1. No, you do it on the ground. Keep your legs straight, even if you cant touch the ground because doing it right is better, and gravity pulls you downwards


  1. So cool!!! I am going to take the challenge but I’m a bit confused. Do you just try to do the splits every day or are their specific stretches to do. Let me know cause I plan on doing this!!!


    1. Hey Holly! I just held the pose and each day I held it longer! It really helped me stretch out more and I actually plan on doing this challenge again because I am determined to be able to do a split 🙂


  2. I’m 62 year’s old and 60 pounds over weight. I challenged my 5 year old granddaughter. She is beginning Cheerleading. I said, let’s see who can do a split first, me or you! In 1 weeks time of stretching I have some very nice visual muscle definition in my legs!

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    1. Hey Cheryl!! Age is just a number! You can most definitely START now! Compare yourself to where you were yesterday and you will be amazed how much much progress you make in a year!


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