Focus T25-what is it, does it work?




“The only thing that stands between you and the results you want is time. That’s why I experimented for the last year to see if I could create the same kind of results you’d expect from an hour-long program, in under 30 minutes.

The result is FOCUS T25–and the name implies the intent: If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it 5 days a week, you WILL get results.

Yes, you are working out for less time. But since you have your shorts on, since you have your sneakers on, and you managed to Push Play, I’m just asking you to give it everything you’ve got, for ONLY 25 minutes. You focus, and you go! 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results.

And there are major university studies out there that prove the value of shorter, more intense workouts. But I’ll save that for later. The only question now is, do you want to be one of the first to see these routines and what kind of results you can get? The answer is yes, because these routines were created at the specific request of Beachbody® CEO Carl Daikeler. The guy’s got no time, and he personally reviewed every detail so he could make T25 HIS personal program.

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Does The Focus T25 Workout Work?!

The million dollar question is about to be answered, “Does the Focus T25 Workout Program work?“. Totally understandable that you should be skeptical. Some of these stories seem too good to be true, right?! Well I’m happy to tell you you’re WRONG!

Here’s why the Focus T25 Workout Program works like no other……because it makes YOU work like no other! It’s not a pop-a-pill get skinny quick solution. Focus T25 is a program where each day you get in, give it all you’ve got and get out!  The Focus T25 Workout Program comes with a Nutrition Guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through what to eat. Just follow the steps and you’ll see AMAZING results!

Focus T25 Workout   Focus T25 Reviews

Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25 Workout Results

The results of the test group were amazing.  To think you can get these results by eating healthy and doing on 25 minutes of hard work a day is awesome! As a mom I am limited on time.  If I don’t wake up super early to work out or wait until later in the evening I’m forced to do my workout on my lunch break.  Knowing that I can do this in 25 minutes is great!  For all the mom’s with little kids, pop the dvd in while the kids are napping.  With it only being 25 minutes I”m sure you can find that time to get it in!



Focus T25 Schedule


Focus T25 vs Insanity

Insanity has been one of the top selling workout programs in the United States simply because IT WORKS! So when it comes to Focus T25 vs Insanity what’s the difference?  Now granted both of these workout programs are fantastic solutions to lose weight, get fit and get ripped FAST, but which one is the right solution for YOU…… well when it comes to Focus T25 vs Insanity this is a choice you’ll have to make for yourself.

Focus T25 vs Insanity : Modification

A lot of people did not do insanity because they didn’t feel that they were ready for something this intense.  In Focus T25, Shaun T has a modifier who does all the moves in a way that you can follow.  Tanya from insanity is the modifier in this workout program.  She is still fast but she takes it down a level so you can follow along too!  You will still get the same amazing results because you are constantly moving.  When you are ready to take it up a level then you can follow everyone else!  GENIUS!

Focus T25 vs Insanity : TIME

There are many similarities when comparing Focus T25 vs Insanity, but one clear difference is time.  Insanity has a workout time of between 40-70 minutes six days a week. This can be a problem for someone who has an exceptionally busy day and has a lot of trouble fitting in an hour workout almost every day. Focus T25 workouts are only 25 minutes a day, five days a week. That’s one less day a week and about HALF the daily workout time. This can be a much more manageable solution for almost anyone.  There is a difference in the total program length: While Insanity may have longer workouts, their workout program entirety in only 60 days. Focus T25 is ten weeks. That’s 2 weeks longer than Insanity to see the results that are fully expected.

Focus T25 vs Insanity : Phases

The Insanity workout is 60 days long and it’s separated into three sections. There’s month one, rest week, and month two. In month one the workouts are between 35-45 minutes long. The workout intervals are about 3 minutes of cardio moves followed by 30 seconds rest and then repeated 3 times. Then you do a new set of cardio moves for 3 minutes and a 30 second rest, repeated 3 times. During the rest week you do the same workout of stretching and focused resistance training repeated each day for a week. In month two you do the same as month one, but the intervals are now around 5 minutes long and there is an extra set of three added to the workout making each workout between 45-70 minutes long. This month gets INSANE!

Focus T25 vs Insanity : SUMMARY

Focus T25 is in three phases:  Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Alpha phase focuses more on resistance and cardio. The Beta phase is more centralized on your core and Gamma phase is more resistance and agility. Unlike Insanity where each section of time is plotting out when you should switch, Focus T25 phases are not set in stone. Similar to the original Power 90 program ( the program that predated P90X aka Power 90 Extreme) Focus T25 phases are to be changed when you feel it is time to switch. It really has a lot to do with you feeling out your body and knowing when is the right time to step it up again. There’s also many differences in workout moves when comparing Focus T25 vs Insanity.

 Some are limited for time while others need those 30 second rests. Some people love using weight while others prefer the “natural” approach of using only your own body resistance. All in all both of these programs are going to get you the results you’ve been wanting and you’ll get there FAST! Combine it with your nutrition and Shakeology and you’re seriously UNSTOPPABLE!




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  1. I’m on my 4th day today and I can see some small changes already to my body !! So excited to see the full affects after ten weeks !!!!


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