My BIG News


Ok so here’s my BIG news!  I woke up this morning, checked my beachbody account like I always do on payday and I nearly had a heart attack!!  For the FIRST time EVER I earned more money (like WHOA MORE) this week than I make at my FT job!!  My dreams are finally becoming a reality and I can see the future.  I truly enjoy helping others reach their health and fitness goals! Nothing is more rewarding than having someone thank you for changing their life or for just inspiring them to be healthier! Do what you love and you never work a day in your life 🙂

I often have people interested in doing what I do; because, who wouldn’t want to get paid to help others and make a FT earning by putting in PT hours?  But then they ask me “well what if I’m not good enough?”  “is this hard?” “what if I don’t make money right away?”  These are very valid questions and questions I had as well before I became a coach; but I’m a believer.  I believe that you can do anything you want if you BELIEVE you can! In fact, I tell my kids every day that they need to have faith in themselves.  I often hear, “mom, I can’t do this” or “mom, I’m not good at that” and I say to them, why don’t you pretend you are great at it.  Picture yourself doing an amazing job because if you keep visioning yourself in this way you will become great at it 🙂Image

With any business, it is an investment at first.  You HARDLY ever make a profit your first month and sometimes it takes a year no matter what you are doing!  Do you think  someone who dreams to be a famous artist stops painting because his/her first 5 paintings don’t sell?  Or a musician stops writing music because his/her songs aren’t making it to the top 30 countdown?  NO, not the successful ones anyway!  Most successful people had to work hard to be where they are today.  It doesn’t come easy and hard work is going to consume you most days; but if you want something bad enough you will be willing to invest your time into it so that it pays off in the future.  That future can be 6 months, 1 year or even 5.  How long are you willing to put in the hard work and commitment it takes so that you can enjoy the life that comes with it later?  You need to invest in yourself if you want to see the payoff!  The same is true with this business. No one is good at first, but with consistency, dedication, and hard work you can be GREAT! I will never give up on my dreams and I’m DREAMING BIG!!


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