Fit for ’15! Avoid the 7-10 lb Holiday weight gain!

Are you someone who goes through this vicious cycle every year gaining and losing the same 7-10 lbs?  I used to be this way too!  It started with Halloween because I always wanted just one more piece of candy and then that turned into 10 pieces which led to binging on desserts because I was addicted to the sugar.
I would continue on this track through the holidays and then come New Years I would feel terrible about myself and decide that I’m starting fresh on Jan 1.
If I never let things spiral out of control I could still work hard on January 1st but instead of losing the same 7-10 lbs I could be setting some new goals and working to tone up and have some nice muscle definition.
We don’t have to spiral out of control this year and the great thing is we don’t have to entirely give up our holiday treats!!  If you want to learn how you can maintain or still lose weight through the holiday season please reach out to me.  My support group might be just what you need to tackle the stress of the holiday season and still reach your fitness and weight loss goals!!
We officially start on November 10th and will go through the end of the year so you will have a place to come for support!  You can join anytime between now and the end of the year!
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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