My Ulcerative Colitis Update


As promised, here is my update!  My last GI appt was in November and it went really well.  Still no symptoms.  Still no medications.  Still going strong and my Dr. is on board with my plan to just keep doing what I”m doing.  I  don’t go back to see my GI Dr. until 2015.  I’m on the 6 month plan as far as checkups and my next colonoscopy won’t be until the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016.

So you’re probably wondering what I am doing.  I have been getting a ton of emails and friend requests on facebook from so many of you and I am so blessed that I can connect with others, share my story and provide just a glimpse of hope.  Everyone is different and not everyone will respond to the same treatment, supplements, and plan.  But everyone CAN BENEFIT from eating healthier and taking healthy supplements because that will only benefit you and your body.

I continue to eat an 80/20 approach.  What does this mean?  I eat 80% healthy and splurge 20%.  I don’t eliminate any foods from my diet.  I focus on eating foods that are natural.  I eat a lot of vegetables, a decent amount of protein (chicken and fish mostly but also beef and pork), moderate amount of fruit, a small amount of nuts and seeds and limited dairy.  I drink almond milk and use coconut milk creamer to add to my black coffee.  I am a coffee fanatic so that is one thing I don’t go a day without.  Not because I need it but becasue I want it.  I drink A LOT of water.  Very important to flush your body of toxins and keep yourself hydrated.  So that’s basically it.  I follow the meal plans from the workout programs I have such as T25, 21 Day Fix, Insanity Max 30 and so many more.  I know enough now to create my own plan and help others as well.

If you need any more advice or assistance I am always here and I will update you next year!!

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