April-a turning point

April is a month I’ll never forget! In April of 2013 I slowly weaned off my ulcerative colitis medications and by the end of the month I was 100% medication free! I had a choice to make: either have my colon removed or FIGHT with all my might despite being completely run down and feeling like I ran out of options with my treatment! I fought a long, hard battle for 3 years and I was losing but I wasn’t quitting! I knew there had to be something else I could do and If my Dr wasn’t going to give me options then I would research my own! I may talk about this a lot but this disease controlled my life for 3 years and I was forced to live my life centered around where the nearest bathroom is! I lost myself and there were days I was only fighting for my two beautiful children! I read every source I could find about healing the gut and I was willing to spend any amount of money in order to avoid surgery! I could not come to the decision of living my life with a bag attached to me! It just wasn’t something I was comfortable with and not an option I was willing to make only having colitis for 3 years!  Don’t get me wrong, so many people make this decision and can totally rock a bag but I didn’t feel that was the right option for me after just 3 years of living with this disease.  Drs may tell you that you can’t ever live without meds and that your life will never be the way it used to be but you don’t have to believe them! I didn’t and I went out of my way to prove him wrong. Here I am two years later and I’m still 100% medication free, symptom free and with my colon intact! Does this mean I won’t ever have a flare again? No unfortunately I’m not immune to that but I will fight every day to remain in remission without meds.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know I have been under the care of a new GI Dr. who is super supportive and absolutely amazing.  His positivity and patience is what allowed me to go into remission.  He worked with me to create a plan that would work for me and I thank him for that every time I see him.  He supports my decision to remain medication free for as long as I can.

How do I continue to do this?  Through health and fitness.  I work hard to make healthier choices every day.  Days when I feel like I just don’t want to workout, all I have to do is think about the days when I couldn’t workout and I am motivated to get up and get moving.  I have been blessed with my health again and I will never take that for granted because there are people out there who can’t workout but would give anything for that chance to!  It’s not about being perfect but about making healthier choices every day.  Need some inspiration?  Read The Slight Edge or The Compound Effect.  Both of those books are about doing small tasks every day to achieve large success!  Small changes consistently over time has helped me to heal my body naturally and remain medication and symptom free.

Remember that natural treatments take time; one month of eating healthy, working out and taking supplements will not turn your life around.  If you are in a flare then I would not recommend dropping your meds all at once.  There are times when medications are needed and if I have another flare I will revisit my treatment options.  But making those healthier choices now while you are feeling healthier is a great way to heal your body naturally and just feel even more amazing that you did before.

Note:  I am not a Dr. (obviously!) and cannot give you medical advice.  All I can do is tell you what I did.  Shakeology saved my life and if you haven’t looked into this amazing daily dose of dense nutrition yet then I am asking you “What are you waiting for?”  Do your own research and see for yourself the amazing ingredients in this one shake!  Want to try before you commit to a full 30 day supply (even though it’s bottom of the bag guaranteed)??  Send me a message and I’d be happy to tell you how you can try it!



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