The end of exerCIZE is here!

 When I was asked to make a video of myself doing Cize I was thinking “Yeah right!  I can’t dance!  I’ll just have my daughter do it for me.”  But when I asked her, she decided she didn’t want to do it and that meant I had to.

I logged into Beachbody On Demand and played the sneak peek video of Cize that was available before the program was launched.  After the 40 minute workout, I felt comfortable video taping the first part of the dance.  The video featured above is my team doing Cize and I’m in the yoga pants with the grey tank.

After practicing the entire workout a couple of times, I couldn’t stop doing it.  It is so addictive and crazy fun.  From someone who couldn’t move on the dance floor, I finally have some rhythm and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the launch!

Last Thursday I went to our annual Beachbody Coach Summit and I got to do a LIVE Cize workout with Shaun T and the crew!  It was amazing and even though it was super crowded, I had a blast! You don’t realize how much you’re sweating until the workout is over because it’s so fun.

From the start of the workout, Shaun introduces you to a couple of moves at a time.  Once you have the moves down, he adds on some new moves and you practice those until you have them down and then you do it from the beginning.  Then he adds more moves and you do it from the beginning again.  Once you have all the moves down, you can Cize it up during the last few minutes of the workout.

Whether you enjoy zumba, hip hop, dance, can’t dance, don’t think you have rhythm or are just looking to change things up while having a lot of fun this workout is for YOU.  It’s for anyone!

It just launched YESTERDAY and my first VIP Test Group starts August 3rd!  If you join by July 31 on a challenge pack then you will be gifted with Fixate, Autumns 21 Day Fix Recipe book that has 101 recipes that you can use with the Cize Meal Plan!  If you are interested in this deal and you want to join us as we Cize the night away, fill out THIS form.  Be sure to mention this blog post so I can offer you the Fixate Deal!

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