Happy 1st Day of Fall and My Charity Run Challenge

I cannot believe today is the first day of fall can you?   Fall is such a beautiful season, but, often gets lost when you live in New England.  It’s hard to appreciate the beautiful colors and the crisp mornings when you know what is coming next – WINTER!!  I think that we would appreciate the Fall more if summer followed it.  Am I right?

As we enter a new season it’s great to reflect on the previous one.  SUMMER!  It’s amazing right?  Not everyone will agree with me, especially if you live in warmer climates like Florida or Arizona.  But most people truly love summer and everything it brings.  What was something great that happened to you this past summer and what are some things you want to make better for the fall?

Since my birthday was just a couple of days ago, and it was still technically summer, that was something great that I remember every year 🙂 .  I enjoyed my day with my family, but unfortunately my daughter wasn’t feeling very well 😦   I have some goals that I set and didn’t reach so they have been written down to make happen this month!

Since it’s still my birthday month I wanted to offer up a gift instead of receiving one.  This month the Tone It Up team is doing a fit for fall challenge.  It’s eight weeks and my favorite part of this challenge is that this year they teamed up with the Charity App so that every mile you run, walk, or push through turns into money donated to a charity of YOUR choice.  How awesome is this right?  I mean, why not donate to a cause while shedding a few lbs.  We’re going to work out anyway – or at least I am 🙂

So my team and I decided to host a group starting on October 12th so that we can end the last 4 weeks of the challenge with a bang.  We will be part of a private support group on facebook where we will be able to cheer each other on, check in for motivation and support and just have fun while raising some money.  We will provide you with a meal plan that you can follow or use as a guide and you get to choose the workout.  If you want to run that is completely fine, but if you want to do a program that comes with a complete workout schedule you have that option as well.  I know that we will all be doing different workouts.  I will be running (I’m trying to get back into it and am super excited to donate to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America while hitting the pavement) and I will also be doing Insanity Max30 because I am currently on week 3 of the schedule.

We will really be narrowing in on our nutrition since that is 80% of your results!!  If you work out all day but you don’t eat the right amount of food or even the right combination of food you won’t see the results from your hard work.  I’m sure you can relate to that happening right?  I mean I know that I’ve worked my butt off in the gym while still eating poorly only to feel so discouraged because I didn’t see any results from all of my hard work.  It is very discouraging and we don’t want that to happen to you.  We want YOU to see the results and we’re going to help you do this.  One of my teammates is a registered Dietitian and she will be hosting Q&As as part of our challenge.  How awesome is that right?  Your results are guaranteed or your money back!

One lucky person will be chosen at random to win The 3 Day Refresh.  This will help boost your results by gently cleansing your body and giving it a fall cleaning.  It’s amazing and something I do once every couple of months.  When your body is out of balance it can actually prevent you from seeing weight loss results and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

If you are interested in joining us please click here and fill out the short survey.  This will help me focus in on helping you with your particular needs and interests.  You have until September 30th to join us to be entered to win the 3 Day Refresh so don’t delay. 

I look forward to chatting with you soon 🙂

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