Are you feeling stressed?

The Holiday season is officially upon us and while that should be a time for peace, love and family, it ends up turning into a time for stress, indulgence and frustration.

I get it:  you have so many holiday parties coming up; your job is super demanding at the end of the year, your kids are in school plays and you don’t know how you are going to manage everything without completely losing it.

Then someone asks you if you want to join their upcoming challenge and you think “who me?  Now?  How could I possibly make time for a group and a workout and eat healthy??”  You may even be really excited for the treats that will be available for the next 6 weeks and you want to try them all.  Your health and workouts can wait.

I am actually speaking from my past.  I worked in the accounting industry and December 31 was our year end.  It took the Christmas spirit right out of me and the thought of the holidays stressed me out.  How could I enjoy time with my family when I was so stressed about all of the work, the physical inventory, late hours and extra work I had in my way?  I was so exhausted when I got home that I didn’t even want to think about doing anything AT ALL.  I barely had time to see my kids in their plays and didn’t really look forward to get togethers because I let all of the stress get to me.

Then one day I realized that I was creating my own reality.  I was approaching this time of year with a negative attitude that it was nearly impossible to be excited about anything.  I avoided my workouts and said no to every challenge group I was invited to because I “didn’t have time.”  I started looking at where I was spending my time during the day and I realized that I did have an extra 30 minutes to get my workouts in.  I didn’t have to splurge on every treat in my sight and I could enjoy the holiday season just as much as anyone else.  Each day I started with a 30 minute workout.  I joined an accountability group just so I could make sure I was getting this in every day.  This way on days where I had to work late or I couldn’t take a lunch break I already got my workout in so it wasn’t a big deal.  I started looking forward to the daily challenges that I would face at work.  I started accomplishing more tasks and this made room for my kids’ activities.  Instead of gaining 8-10 lbs between Halloween and New years, I started maintaining my weight.  I was able to indulge but also learned how to eat healthy 80% of the time.  On days that I didn’t get to do a workout I didn’t beat myself up.  Life happens and we get busy but we are never too busy to put our health first.  The holidays don’t have to be a stressful time.  If we approach the season with a positive attitude we can turn anything around.  You are in control of your own destiny and you create your reality.  Start putting more energy into positive thoughts and your world will transform.

So go out there this holiday season knowing that you may have a lot on your plate but you CAN and WILL handle it without sacrificing your own health and wellbeing.

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