Where have I been?

Ok so I’ve been a little M.I.A lately and I wanted to check in and say I’m still alive, I’m still in remission, my biz and my team are THRIVING and my husband and I are now HOMEOWNERS!!!   We closed on December 29th and to say the last several months were crazy would be an understatement.  We were pulling papers until the very last day and pulling our hair out at the same time LOL!  Packing and cleaning were taking place in between the scanning of paperwork.  It was also the holiday season so we were trying to celebrate in the middle of packing.  We weren’t sure when the closing date was going to be so we waited until two weeks before Christmas to put the tree up.  Chaotic but worth it.

This was most definitely divine intervention!  Buying a home was something I prayed circles around every day for a year; but it wasn’t something my husband and I thought would happened for a while.  We had some debt to pay down first and we were already denied once so we had given up for the time being.  We wanted to move before the winter though so we started looking at houses to rent.  We looked at 6 houses and none of them were even close to what we were looking for.  Time was running out because winter was quickly approaching and we had to give a months notice before we could move.  I kept feeling prompted to apply for a mortgage but didn’t listen to the “voice” at first.  Why would I think it would happen for us this time?  We were actually planning on applying again in the summer of 2016 when our credit was better (we were working hard to clean it up).  My husband skipped going out with the family on Halloween so he could go and check out a rental, but it was in really bad shape and the heat was going to cost us a fortune.  That was the last straw.  The next day I called my husband while he was at work and told him to call the lady we were referred to and just see what happens.  And that call changed our lives.  “You’re approved” were the words we never expected to hear.

We started looking for homes in our price range and were already scheduled to meet up with our realtor that week to start looking at them.  We met our realtor on a Friday night and parked on the street waiting for her to show up.  I said to my husband, “can’t you just picture us in this home.  I am envisioning us living in this beautiful house and have a feeling this could be the one.”  We still had 7 more houses on the list to look at but for some reason I had this feeling.   We looked at a total of 4 homes but each house had less and less to offer.  We slept on it and then decided that we were in love with house #1 and wanted to make an offer.   It took two months to close and they were probably the most stressful months of our lives but looking back now, we just laugh and reminisce.  Some days as we’re pulling in the driveway we still can’t believe it’s our home.  All I can say is there is something truly amazing about circling your prayers.  God pulls through even when you think it’s absolutely impossible.



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