I’m not a salesperson

“I would love to do what you do BUT I’m just not a salesperson.”

⬆️⬆️you know how many times someone tells me this when we’re talking about joining my team??? BUT guess what?? I’m not a salesperson either! “Salespeople” sounds like a slimy term to me! Who wants to be sold?? Not this girl ❌

So what do I do then?? I simply share with others what has TRULY CHANGED my life!! That’s it!!! 💜

1⃣You posted that you caught a ton of Pokemon this weekend on Pokemon go and that caused your friends to download the app and do it too! ➡️You just SOLD that app 😱

2⃣You posted a picture of the Victoria Secret sale and the cute items you are going to buy and that caused some of your friends to go shopping for some new cute bras and panties! ➡️You just SOLD some clothing! 😱

3⃣You shared a delicious recipe for a frozen margarita you made and your friends ran out to the grocery store to buy the ingredients because the picture looked so real they just had to have it NOW! ➡️ you just SOLD ingredients for a margarita! 😱

4⃣You posted a beautiful SELFIE showing off the new line of makeup you just bought and your friends ran out to Sephora to buy it because it looks so good on you! You just SOLD some makeup 😱

BUT guess who made money off your posts???

1.Your cell phone company for data usage, the stores that sell Pokemon products, and Pokemon go is going to make a killing from advertising thanks to you . 💰💰💰

2. Victoria Secret did 💰💰💰

3. The local grocery store did💰💰💰

4. Sephora did .💰💰💰

🙌🏻 I get paid RESIDUAL income from sharing what workouts I’m doing, what recipes I’m making, what shakes I’m drinking and what results I’m seeing!! 💜

And GUESS what??? YOU CAN TOO!!! Yes YOU are already a salesperson and you didn’t even realize it because you aren’t slimy and neither am I!! 💜

➡️Are YOU ready to learn how to get paid for sharing how amazing and life transforming these health and fitness products are??? The great news is I’m looking to mentor 3⃣ people this month who are ready to get paid for sharing what they’re doing and how their lives are changing! I can guarantee your life will change for the better if you invest some time into taking better care of yourself! 💜

Message me if you are ready to jump in, grab life by the horns, feel the healthiest you’ve ever felt and GET PAID for it!!! 😘

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