When we’re little we dream big

When we’re little we dream big!!!

If you ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up they’ll most likely tell you something that has to do with what they love!

My son loves video games so he wants to be a video game designer for Nintendo and my daughter loves to draw so she wants to be an artist.

BUT what happens as they get older and get a taste for the “real world” and those dreams are ripped right from them. “You’ll never be able to do that, get real” or “that job won’t give you enough money to survive” so they don’t pursue their passion and childhood dreams!

Then they get a “real job” working 9-5 because society said that what you are supposed to do! You aren’t supposed to enjoy your job, no one does! The problem is they are still living paycheck to paycheck and barely scraping by, while the CEO of their company is collecting and living his dream on your time!

Do you want to be the person working for the CEO or the actual CEO of your dream job???

I’m here to tell you that it’s time to stop believing these people who tell you what to do. Go back to your childhood dreams and make them happen! It’s not too late to become the CEO! So what are you going to do?

I know what I did! I pursued my passion! I gave up the 9-5 accounting job I had that I had to get a college degree for!!! I stopped listening to people tell me “that’s what everyone does” Screw that. The day I said goodbye corporate America and hello entrepreneur was the day I started really living!

For the first time in my life I don’t live paycheck to paycheck and I’m building my own dreams, not someone else’s!

Ask yourself, why not you! Because I’m telling you that you can do anything!!!

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