Are you living groundhog day?

I had my eye on the prize for 2 years 👀

Do you ever feel like you’re living a groundhog day everyday? 🙈

You wake up, get ready, pack lunches, get kids ready (if you have kids), fight rush hour traffic praying you aren’t going to be late once again, grinding for 8 hours without really enjoying your day or what you do, leave work to deal with rush hour traffic, hope you aren’t late picking kids up, get home, make dinner, gives baths, start bedtime routine and fall asleep from exhaustion – only to do it all over again tomorrow?

That was my life for 9 years 😱😰

It was exhausting and I was determined to become my own boss and be in control of my own hours! I don’t have to work every day, I don’t have to work at a certain time of day, I OWN my time now thanks to hustling to make it happen! I’m a hard worker and I work for what I want, leaving no room for excuses!

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