Happy Anniversary to us πŸ’•

Happy 6 years of marriage

πŸ’—to a man who stepped up to help me raise my son before he was even a dad himself

πŸ’—to a man who is a wonderful daddy to our daughter

πŸ’— to a man who started planning our wedding from my hospital bed when I was the sickest – when most would have probably left

πŸ’— to a man who flew home from his 3 month assignment with the military to get married only to fly back the next day

πŸ’—to a man who surprised me and came home 2 days before our wedding instead of the day before like I thought

πŸ’— to a man who continues to be my rock when life gets tough

πŸ’—to a man who traded his truck in to get a vehicle that was on my wish list and not his own

πŸ’—to a man who has done much more than I’ve mentioned and has put up with a lot but it would take a lifetime to highlight

πŸ’—to my wonderful partner in crime, partner in life, and partner in business.

Our marriage is far from perfect but if it was perfect what would we have to work on? This year has been truly life changing for our family and I can’t wait to celebrate many more milestones with you 😍

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