Way Back Wednesday

You see about 16 years ago there was this girl who was overweight and truly unhappy with herself πŸ˜”.

She refused to go out in public because she felt disgusting. She saw herself far bigger than she was and she obsessed about her weight 24 hours a day.

But this same girl was always very active; she played sports every day and was always out riding her bike, ice skating, rollerblading and doing cartwheels so she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t smaller 😭😭😭😭

One day she found some trainers who had just started their business and they were working hard to create an online community of women who supported each other while working out and eating healthy. She was starting to see the light shine for the first time in her life. She learned a little about health and fitness through the trainers posts and she wanted MORE!! She didn’t understand how to eat healthy and thought diet, sugar free and fat free were her answer. I guess better than the over the counter diet pills she used to pop and the eating disorders she had right??

She still needed a lot of help and one day, through the community, she met a girl who was an online health and fitness coach and she told her that She could get a complete meal plan and workout program that would lay it all out for her so she wouldn’t have to guess anymore! Since she wasn’t taking any vitamins she also decided to take the healthy supplement in the form of a shake to get her nutrients and pre/probiotics.

This girl started the program and started losing weight in a healthy way for the first time in her life! She finally understood what foods to eat, how much to eat and what workouts to do each day to see longterm, healthy results.

This coach changed her life forever and she decided to pay it forward. There were many people who suffered like she did and were waiting for her to reach out and offer the same helping hand.

Today this girl has helped hundreds of people who struggled just like she did to regain their lives and take control of their health because she provided them with a simple solution that laid it all out for them!

She doesn’t sell programs, she sells HOPE, EXCITEMENT and even FREEDOM fromΒ the chains of eating disorders and weight loss pills that were destroying them.

And although there are people out there who CAN do this on their own, there are even more who CAN’T!! And that who she helps 😘

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