Keeping the inflammation away

August 2009 – diagnosed with a severe onset of ulcerative colitis that affected my ENTIRE colon.

Dr told me I would never live off medication!!!

For 3 years I struggled to find a medication plan that worked for me.

2012 I was told I would need to consider having my colon removed. Dr said my quality of life would improve dramatically.

I couldn’t come to terms with that decision and I started to research how to heal myself naturally. Found a new GI doctor that year who supported me!

March 2013 – started drinking shakeology after seeing the ingredients that were in it and in April 2013 I weaned off all my colitis medications. I have been IN REMISSION and MEDICATION FREE ever since!

It’s certainly no surprise that shakeology has been so helpful, when you look at the ingredients. There are at least seven ingredients in this one shake that help reduce inflammation, which is the main instigating problem in Ulcerative Colitis – or other autoimmune diseases in general!

Manganese, sacha inchi, acerola cherry, blueberry, green tea, amylase and rose hips are all known for their properties that reduce inflammation in the body. Pair that with ashwaganda to help with de stressing and you have the perfect solution! 

I just saw my amazing GI doctor last week and of course he just sits there completely amazed that I am still in remission! I’m not the statistic and he said just keep doing what I’m doing! He also told me that because I’m not on the immunosuppressants anymore and I have no active inflammation, my chance of getting colon cancer is the same as anyone else without the disease and my previous disease plays no role in my chances. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders! I am still getting routine colonoscopies every couple of years and I continue to see him every 6 months because it’s better being safe than sorry!

I will not stop drinking this shake!! My health is dependent on it!

#doyourresearch #thisismorethanaproteinshake

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