I refuse to throw those shorts away

I have that one pair of shorts I hang on to in hopes that they will fit me again! πŸ™ˆ

Yup I’ve been guilty of that before and it’s the worst feeling when you can’t squeeze in to them anymore right? I mean who wants to buy a bigger size? Not me!

A beautiful mama and coach on my team Charlaine Sliwerski posted this in her challenge group and TODAY she tried them on and THEY FIT!! I’m so happy for her because I know this feeling πŸ’—πŸ’—

“These shorts!!! These shorts that I could not get half way up my thigh totally unzipped this past spring. These shorts that fit me tight when I first got them over 4 years ago! These shorts that haunt me when I open my drawer! I finally won the war against these shorts! Not only can I easily get them all the way on…. I can zip and button them without power tools!”

How amazing is this? She has been working hard on her health and fitness journey since early spring. She was unhappy with how she looked and how she felt so she decided to do something about it! She had slip ups over the summer like we all do but she kept going with her nutrition and fitness as best she could and it obviously shows! Way to work hard Charlaine! You look amazing and it radiates within you 😘

You can fit in those shorts too! You just have to DECIDE to make a change and then COMMIT to it! If you are READY to make some healthy changes and need a little help getting started and staying committed please message me! I want to help you feel this amazing too!

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