I’ve never worn a bikini

You see after high school I started exercising and losing weight. Daily walks were becoming routine and at the age of 19 I finally felt confident wearing a sports bra and shorts during my outdoor runs!

But at the young age of 21 I became pregnant with my first child. I decided to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I {gained} 80 lbs 😱 and my body was changed forever.

I was very happy with one child. He was my life and I never saw myself having more; but when I met my husband he had different plans 😂 He had no kids of his own and wanted one. I knew what was going to happen if I got pregnant but I decided I wanted a little girl (I totally manifested that!) and so she was born 5 years later.

Well my stomach was forever stretched and scarred. 14 years it hid behind my clothes, 14 years I’ve felt uncomfortable in my own skin, 14 years I’ve felt like “why even try” when I work my abs because they’ll never show through the skin 😭 my stomach is rock hard which the surgeon was impressed by but you’d never know from looking at it. I work hard and it kills me that my abs are separated and my skin is stretched.

So I {finally} decided to do something about it and in {{TOMORROW}} 😁 I go in for cosmetic surgery to have my ab muscles stitched together and the loose skin removed! Why did I wait so long? Because I wanted to make sure we weren’t going to have any more kids. Although my husband was done the day our daughter was born, I just wanted to be sure we really were!

Now this post is not meant to say that if you are a mom who has loose skin that you can’t be happy the way you are! If you can confidently rock your body then that is truly amazing! I see mamas rocking their post baby bodies and it makes me happy that they do!

This is my own personal decision to do something for myself that will make me happy. This has bothered me for 14 years! I did a pretty good job of hiding it; but I’m done hiding and I’m ready to do something about it.

I want to feel confident in a sports bra and shorts and build my confidence to rock a bikini; something I honestly never thought I’d say! I work hard and now it’s time for my hard work to show in all areas!

Nervous and excited…not sure which feeling outweighs the other at the moment 🙈

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