Upcoming Accountability Groups

Core De Force Fight for your Health Test Group

When?  November 7th, 2016–December 11th, 2016

Team Beachbody is getting ready to launch their newest home fitness program called Core De Force! This  is an MMA style total body transformation program using your own body weight (no equipment needed).

I am super excited to announce that I will be leading my FIRST EXCLUSIVE test group of this program on November 7th.  Whether you are looking to start a brand new fitness journey, you’re looking to change up your current routine or you’re stuck at a dreaded weight loss plateau this group is for YOU!

Being a mom can be exhausting right? We spend all day taking care of our babies and kids, cooking, cleaning, endless laundry that seriously never ends, and multiple other duties and roles we take on only to end up neglecting ourselves. If we even think about doing something for us we end up feeling guilty about it, you feel me? It’s TIME to STOP feeling guilty and START taking time for our own health and fitness.

Together we will figure out a plan to help us all fit this into our day. Letting out our inner fighter will help relieve some built up stress that we all probably have from the day to day grind. The more we fight for our own health and fitness, the better we will feel and the better mamas we will become! Exercise will help us become better moms, friends, sisters, wives because we are accomplishing something for us and it’s going to feel great!

This fitness based group will run 30 Days and together we will come out STRONGER. Here is what you can expect from my group:
~~> Working out consistently and keeping each other accountable
~~> Eating health(ier) family friendly meals (meal plans included!)
~~> How to Meal Plan/Prep and Food shop more effectively
~~> How to incorporate your entire family in to this new lifestyle
~~> How to overcome the guilt of being a mom and putting our needs first
~~> How to fit this new fitness routine into our already busy lives

And this is all taking place from the comfort of your own home so you don’t have you leave your babies and kids. We will meet daily in a virtual private support group! My group will be one of the FIRST groups to test out this BRAND NEW PROGRAM! See video below for details!

If you want more information and want to be considered for this test group, apply HERE.

I cannot to work with some new amazing mamas!

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