Calling all you mamas

Hey there, beautiful!

I’m  getting ready to LAUNCH my official Core de Force test group. This program is going to be phenomenal!   I just got my hands on it TODAY and I am ready to do this right along side YOU.

I’ll be accepting 10 women (5 spots left) into our test group starting November 7th and you’ll receive personal coaching from me, the whole way through the program. In fact ,I will be doing this program right along with you!

This program is about long term results. If you still need my coaching and support after the first 30 days you will get it!  My goal is to help you create a lifestyle change that you can keep up with. We will be focusing on how to create healthy habits that we can keep up with long term.

Here’s a clip of a move I did in the sneak peek workout called MMX and I had a blast!!  It’s so much fun and you will still smile while getting an amazing workout in.  You will also feel empowered because you will be punching and kicking your way to fit 🙂


Check out these results!

Check out my girl Jenni’s results. Jenni is a coach on our amazing team and she was invited to be part of the official test group before the program even launched.  She has been working hard for the last two months and has had amazing results!

18 fricken inches in 8 weeks!  I’m so proud of this girl!  She is going to start the Holiday season ahead of the game, instead of playing catch up and having all the weight to lose after.


Did you miss her LIVE chat on Thursday October, 27th where Jenni filled us in on the dirty details of this amazing, life changing program?  No worries because you can catch the recording HERE

The release of this program is going to BLOW up within the fitness industry.  This program is unlike anything we have available right now.

Each workout has a series of three minute rounds, just like a real boxing match.  In each round you will do combinations of punches and kicks, followed by a “spike.”  The spikes are high intensity moves to literally spike your heart rate and burn a ton of calories.  You will constantly be reminded to push yourself so you can “earn your break.”  This is why you will see phenomenal results – HIIT!  BOOM!

You’ll be included in our 30 day test group, following the meal plan designed by a nutritionist, the fitness DVD’s and lots of yummy recipes that are easy to make for us busy women.   Just in time for the Holiday Season so you will get a head start and not have to set any fitness resolutions this year.  WOO HOO!

The beauty…..NO deprivation!  We will teach you how to make your favorite treats that will align with your goals.




This program is NOT just for people who are already fit.  Anyone can do this program because we have a modifier for you 🙂


Nicole is another amazing coach on our team!!  Here’s what she said:

“I did NOT want to submit my test group homework.

I’ve been obsessing over the scale and how it’s barely moved.

I was so worried that I somehow failed and they wouldn’t want me to continue for another round.

But I sucked it up, took my pics(mostly cus I have a deadline and no choice 😅 ), and put them side by side. . .

And I think I’m good and miiiiight just keep going.

I kinda love Core De Force.

This has been the most challenging program I have ever done. . Which says a lot, cus I’m a hardcore Insanity & Insanity Max:30 lover, and I love spending hours in the gym kicking my own ass.

I was NOT prepared for what less than an hour a day at home was going to do to or FOR me.

I feel stronger both mentally AND physically, and more fit and healthy than I ever have. .EVER.

I cannot wait to see what the next 30 days brings”


What our test group will include:

  • 30 Day Countdown to a KNOCKOUT body
  • Tips on how to make time for yourself in this busy thing called life
  • Tips on how to encourage your entire family to join in on the fun
  • PRIVATE VIP accountability group with other women there to support and receive your support the entire way
  • Workout program – 27-47 min workouts!  This makes it so much easier to fit it in our already busy days
  • 4 MMA-style workouts
  • 2 bodyweight workouts
  • 2 core workouts
  • 1 active recovery workout
  • 1 quick before-bed stretch routine for long lean muscles
    • Nutrition plan & recipes
    • Perfect portion container system
    • Shaker cup
    • 30 meals of Shakeology, a premium, natural, whole food based meal replacement!  I’ve been drinking this DAILY for 3 years!!  It’s my non-negotiable treat and the only way I am able to get through these programs when following a meal plan.  Do you binge eat at night like I do?  I can stay on track all day but come nighttime I’m ruining all of my hard work.  I save this shake for my after dinner treat and there are so many ways you can make it and I’ll be sharing a ton of recipes in our group.  It helps to reduce those nighttime cravings that tend to ruin all of our hard work. It replaces one meal and serves as my multivitamin.
    • You will leave with a strong CORE which is the center of your body and so important for your overall health


  • A FREE gift from me as a Thank You for allowing me to be your personal coach ❤
  • Have a friend who would like to be part of this group?  If she joins, you receive a $25 gift card!!  Sharing is caring and having more support is only going to help you succeed ❤



HURRY because this program is ONLY discounted to $140 from the original $160 during the month of November!  All of this for ONLY $10 with the purchase of Shakeology  (with a 30 day money back guarantee)

Check out this mama!!  She just had a baby and she rocked this program!  How amazing is that?!  Look at her abs 🙂


Being a mom can be exhausting right? We spend all day taking care of our babies or working full time jobs and coming home to take care of our babies, cooking, cleaning, endless laundry that seriously never ends, and multiple other duties and roles we take on only to end up neglecting ourselves. If we even think about doing something for us we end up feeling guilty about it, you feel me? It’s TIME to STOP feeling guilty and START taking time for our own health and fitness.


  1. Fill out this short questionnaire
  2. Email me  or personally message me via Facebook. Add me here:

You will receive an email to place your order and SECURE your spot in my private test group after I read through your responses and make sure this is the right fit for you 🙂

Again, you do NOT have to already be in shape for this program. It’s great for any fitness level!

Can’t wait to create your success story with you!

XoXo, Tarnya

Founder of Team AffirmNation

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs

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