My Tummy Tuck Transformation

Ahhhh Ok this makes me sooooo nervous to post because I have NEVER posted a before picture like this!!! (picture in comments)

If you don’t know, in August I had a tummy tuck with ab tightening done. I had diastasis recti and had no idea, but honestly I wasn’t even focused on my abs because I knew they would never be revealed under the loose skin. The separation was over 3 inches (I think he said 4) and that was a reason my stomach stuck out so much when I stood up.

I gained 80 lbs when I was pregnant with my son and it did a lot of damage. I honestly didn’t want a second child because I knew what it would do to my already somewhat stretched stomach. When I met my husband he had no kids and he wanted one. I took a few months to think about it and of course you know what I decided 🙂 I told him that if I had another child I would be getting this surgery done because I knew what it would leave behind and I was right.

I waited 8 years to have it done. One reason was because I wanted to make sure we were REALLY done having kids. I didn’t want to go through with this if we weren’t. And second because I was scared.

It weighed heavily on me for years. I have been working hard on my fitness journey but I just wasn’t happy or confident in my own skin. My stomach hung over my clothes and every time I would sit down I would have to adjust my pants. I was miserable and would never take a picture without a shirt on.

I decided to do it because I wanted to be able to reveal the hard work. I work out every single day and I want to be able to feel like i have something to show for it. Sure I have toned arms and legs but I still wanted abs. I may never have a six pack, I don’t know what will happen, and that’s ok. I still have a lot of swelling and I think that the numbness is wearing off because I can feel a little pain now when I work my core which is completely normal. But I am truly happy with my decision. I feel more confident and I see some baby abs forming which just makes me really happy. I am more motivated to workout and work hard on my core because I know I can possibly see changes from the hard work I put in.

Why am I telling you this? Because somewhere out there, there is someone who feels like I did. Who suffers on the inside and doesn’t want to be judged for her decision to have surgery. Sometimes exercise and nutrition isn’t enough and no matter how healthy you eat and how much you workout you’ll never tighten that skin. I know I did all the work I could to try and reverse it but it just wasn’t possible. Know that you are entitled to be happy and confident and if it takes some corrective surgery that’s ok 💕

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