My journey to become more flexible

A little mid afternoon yoga session in my office today 💕

I have a love/hate relationship with yoga for sure. I LOVE what it does for my body but I HATE doing it!

I workout every day and most of my workouts are pretty intense which means my muscles are worked a lot and are left super tight.

This year I’m working on being more present in the moment and yoga will definitely help me do that. So not only am I getting more flexible, I’m shutting my brain off for at least 30 minutes a day.

I just started a 3 week yoga retreat today and I feel so relaxed and my muscles feel like they lengthened! Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to do a split by the end of the year 😳

Want to join me on this journey?  Fill out the comment form and I will reach out to you and get you added to my group 🙂   I plan to continue this all year with a goal to have my split by December.  Help hold me accountable!  I’m going to need it. 


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