I can’t get enough of this workout!

I am so grateful for all of the supportive friends I have in life. The comments and messages I received in regards to my transformation photo I posted were so overwhelmingly supportive! I’m so thankful I shared my journey because I had no idea so many of you could relate to how I felt and it’s nice to know others understand šŸ’•

I had a lot of people message me asking me what I’ve been doing since surgery to work on my core so I wanted to show you! This workout has been a game changer for me. I work my core with pretty much every move I do. I’ve been doing it for almost two months now and I am going to be following the advanced calendar in less than a week!

Here are two moves from today’s workout and you can really see how it targets your tummy šŸ˜


The results I saw in month one were amazing and my second month my goal was to maintain the results I saw but still enjoy the holidays! Usually I gain weight but this time I didn’t! Now my goal for round 3 is to get back on track and focus on my nutrition like I did in month one!

I have a 6 month follow up with the surgeon next month and it would be awesome to have some more definition in my abs!! So I’ll be working my butt off to achieve the results I’m looking for!

Wish me luck or join me šŸ˜ my next group starts in two weeks and I’d love to have some support and accountability!

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