Core de Force – do I like this program?

Core de Force has easily become one of my FAVORITE Beachbody Programs EVER.  It launched in November and I was just so excited to try it because I began my fitness journey doing Billy Blanks TaeBo.  I love MMA/Martial Arts/Kickboxing style workouts and this one tops them all.  Every single move targets your core.

I had a tummy tuck in August so the timing of this workout was PERFECT.  I was just cleared to start doing ab workouts and I was so excited to begin my new journey with Core de Force.  It is funny because I started my fitness journey doing Tae Bo and then I started a new journey with my tightened abs doing core de force.


I’ve been doing this program for 2 rounds (2 months) and I’m currently on my 3rd round.   The first two months I followed the regular workout calendar and the third month I decided to follow the extreme calendar.

Why do I love this program so much?  Well it isn’t just MMA focused.  Every move that you do is inspired by some form of Martial Arts, but you aren’t just punching and kicking, you are jumping, and doing push ups, squats and lunges and pretty much every move you do affects your core in some way, thus the name of the workout 🙂   I look forward to working out every day because it is fun.  The workouts are definitely challenging BUT you can follow a modifier until you are able to do the full workouts.  Plus the pause button is my friend; don’t be afraid to pause your workouts, catch your breath and come back when you’re ready.


I saw results right away too which is always motivating enough to keep going right? At least for me it is!  I couldn’t believe how much I transformed in just 14 days in.  And the 30 day results are very visible.

If you follow me on Facebook then I’m sure you saw a ton of videos of me doing this workout.  But I’ll share them on my blog for those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook to get an idea of some of the moves that you will do if you decide to give this program a try.

MMA Power Sculpt is the workout I’m doing in this video.  It is a 37 minute workout that incorporates strength training with cardio.  Each round consists of 3 exercises and the length of each exercise decreases throughout the round.  The easier the move, the longer you’re doing it for.


Here is my FINAL day of Round 1.  I came a long way that’s for sure!

MMA Kick Butt is a workout from the advanced calendar.  You won’t be doing this workout in your first month or two until you decide to take your workouts to the next level.  This just gives you an idea of how the program progresses.


There is also a 10 minute ab workout called Core Kinetics that you do a few times a week mid way through the month that is in addition to your regular workouts.


It is such a fun program and each day I feel a little stronger than the day before.  It’s pretty awesome to compare your progress each month as well.  There are moves that I couldn’t do in the first month that I am now able to do.

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