Fit during Pregnancy

Today’s #throwbackThursday post is coming at you early today because I’m super inspired by this girl and don’t want to wait. Lauren  is someone I get to be on this coaching journey with and she is just incredibly amazing, inspiring and gorgeous inside and out.

This girl achieves anything she puts her mind to. She has worked hard to remain fit and she looks absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously, if I was planning on having more kids this would be my goal and inspiration!! I wanted share this with all of YOU because I know that about 75% of you are pregnant; I see your beautiful pregnant bellies or posts about pregnancy daily and you make me want to have more babies for about a minute and then I remember I’m done 😀

I know A LOT of new moms are scared of working out while pregnant. I was a VERY YOUNG new mom who was terrified during my first pregnancy and I didn’t workout AT ALL. I also used it as an excuse to eat what I wanted. Well that backfired in my face after I gained 80 lbs and was left with loose skin. I learned my lesson with baby #2 but unfortunately the damage was already done. I wish I knew then what I know today but everything happens for a reason and I know that I am here to tell you what NOT to do and Lauren is here to SHOW you what is possible!!

She said this” NEVER would have happened without the accountability of my challenge groups, proper nutrition, my superfood smoothie, and the following programs: Country Heat, 21 Day Fix, Turbo Fire, Core de Force, Cize, and the Active Maternity Series… all of which I completed (some multiple times) during my pregnancy!” She wasn’t afraid to workout but she also listened to her body and rested on days that she knew she needed to. She had a goal and she never gave up or let her pregnancy be an excuse

These programs changed both of our lives at very different times in our life and we’re both walking proof that they work BUT they require support and accountability, something both of us have DAILY.

If you’re pregnant and looking for some extra support to stay healthy and fit OR you’re not pregnant but are still looking for extra support I would love to help you.

I have a RESOLUTION REBOOT challenge starting next week and if you message me ASAP you will be able to get in just in time. I will help you find the right program for YOU and your fitness level.

Summer is closer than you think and results take time. It’s not going to happen in 21, 30 or even 60 days. You need to make consistent effort and if you get started now, you will have over 90 days to work on your transformation just in time for summer.

It’s time to ditch whatever excuse you have right now and put YOU FIRST.

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