A lot has changed….


Have you ever felt miserable in your own skin? Like, you should be happy because something amazing (like the birth of your child) just happened and you should be proud but you just feel depressed?

Because that is exactly how I felt. I was barely into my 20s when I got pregnant with my son. I wasn’t healthy and fit prior to my pregnancy and I let myself go completely. I used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I gained 80 lbs with my first pregnancy and I was absolutely miserable in my own skin. I was exhausted, not just because I was a new mom, but because I was unhealthy. I was not really sure what to do to lose the weight. I got a jogging stroller and just started walking. That’s the only thing I could think to do to help me lose the weight.

I felt lost, confused and even alone. No one that I knew personally was on their health and fitness journey so I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to that could relate to how I felt. I don’t have very many pictures of myself as a new mom unfortunately because I wouldn’t let anyone take my photo. I hated how I looked and never wanted pictures of myself.

The person on the right is a totally different person. I found an online community who was very supportive and who could relate to my struggles. Because lets face it, losing weight is a constant journey and I’m never at my goal. It’s always a work in progress and there are ups and downs and having that support is so crucial, especially on the bad days. But the one thing I can say is that I always have a plan to fall back on. I know that I will only gain 5 lbs before being able to gain control of the situation and get back on track. I don’t feel alone and I have the tools at my fingertips, something I didn’t have before. I have been able to maintain and even lose weight while doing different programs and that is something to be super proud of.

Im sure if you have been on this journey yourself, you know how easy it is to fall off track and gain all the weight back, even more weight than you lost. Thankfully now I have been able to get back on track sooner rather than later. I am no longer afraid of taking pictures of myself. I don’t look at my picture and think bad things about myself anymore. I know that I work hard to keep the journey going and I’m proud of myself. I feel happy, strong and confident in my own skin and that is something I could never, ever say before!

If you’re in the same place I was and ready to take a step on your journey, comment below. I’d love to give you more details. It’s time to put you first and know that you won’t have to do this alone

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