**WARNING, Gets a little personal***

**WARNING, Gets a little personal***

These supplement bottles were my life back in 2012!


This was my daily regimen with the addition of the refrigerated probiotics that cost over $50 and L-Glutamine that are missing from this picture!

I was taking well over 20 pills a day when I was following a heal your gut program and it was pretty expensive BUT I didn’t care because my health was and is worth it!!

I was also on medications that included prednisone 60 mg QD, 6-MP 25 mg (this is a chemo-therapy drug), allopurinol 100 mg QD, ferrous sulfate 325 mg. Immunosuppressant medications that caused weight gain, moon face and a weakened immune system. All just to treat my ulcerative colitis that was uncontrollable at the time. I was left with a decision to have my colon removed, something I wasn’t ready for!

I am posting just a sneak peak of doctor notes for the second time ever. Something I have not been able to do because it brings me back to a terrible place; but I know that I will no longer be there and can manage my own health, so if I can inspire just one person sharing this was worth it. My record is pretty detailed, personal and TMI so I am not posting everything but wanted to give a little insight as to what I really was up against. The first Dr (Dr G) was not supportive at all! He was the dr I was given when I was admitted to the hospital in 2009 when I was diagnosed with colitis and he had no sympathy for me. He would tell me that I had to come to terms with my diagnosis and that having my colon removed would be my best, and eventually, only option. Dr S was the dr I met in 2012 after I landed in the hospital again and he was amazing! I switched to him right away and he has been super supportive of my decision to try and heal my gut.  I still visit him every 6 months as routine checkups and I have colonoscopies every couple of years to screen for cancer.


In March of 2013, just 4 years ago, I learned about an amazing shake that had the potential to replace all of my supplements. I had been drinking it on and off prior, but thought it was just a protein shake. Once I realized all of the amazing ingredients in it, I started drinking it daily. After one month of drinking it, I slowly weaned off all of my colitis meds.


I have been in remission since March 2013 and off all of my colitis medications since April 2013 and the only change I made was including this shake in my diet daily! I never want to go through what I did ever again! It was the scariest and most depressing time of my life and I don’t wish this on anyone.

My goal today is to INSPIRE others who suffer from IBD and other auto-immune diseases to take control and I am here to offer support because I’ve been there! If you know someone who could benefit from reading this please share with them

Food can destroy you or heal you, it’s your choice! Small changes in your diet can make a huge difference in your quality of life ❤️

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