Say yes to your kids and no to your boss!

Are you missing out on your kid’s activities because of your 9-5?

Do you feel burnt out and pulled in a thousand different directions?

Do you long for a job that you are passionate about and gives you FREEDOM?

Are you living ground hog day where you wake up to go to work and then come home to sleep and do it all over again?

Do you WISH you could do something else but you just don’t feel like you’re qualified so you keep doing the same job, despite feeling unhappy and stressed out?

I feel you girl!  That was me!  I was all of those things and more!  I worked in Corporate America as an Accountant for 9 years and I was stressed and sick.  My days looked like this: 5:45am alarm clock goes off, 6am get kids up, 6:45am leave the house, 7:20 drop kids off at two different locations, 8:00am arrive to work (usually late) .  Then 4pm we start the process back to home, unless my kids had karate and gymnastics and then I wasn’t getting home until 7:45/8:00pm only to feed them, give them baths and go to bed.  Next day, same exact schedule.  I felt burnt out and like I was missing out on so much.  If my kids had any activities during the school day I would have to say no to 75% of them because my job wasn’t around the corner and I couldn’t take too much time off from work.  I was using my vacation days in order to attend school plays, which meant, no vacations for our family.  I was TIRED of this ground hog day life and I KNEW I needed to do something BUT I had no other qualifications or experience.  I was an accountant for 9 years, what else could I possibly do? 

I FINALLY found the solution to my problem!  Online health and fitness coaching with Beachbody.  Crazy right?  I mean I had no credentials whatsoever!  The girl who I was talking to about this opportunity told me I didn’t need to know anything about fitness, I just needed to be willing to learn.  I am pretty smart, I went through college, I think I got this learning thing down!  If it could change my situation I was going to at least try it.  Well it was a rocky start, I won’t lie.  I didn’t jump into this like some coaches do.  I was hesitant and sat back and watched for about a year.  Meanwhile, my health was falling apart.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and I was in and out of the hospital, stressing about whether I would actually make the drive to work without having to use the bathroom or even worse, having an accident.  It was at the point in my life that I DECIDED I was going to treat this business like a business instead of a hobby which is how I was treating it.

Being a busy mom, working 40+ hours a week and raising two kids with a husband who worked more than he was home, I didn’t have a whole lot of time.  I had 1 hour I could dedicate to this business and that was after my kids went to bed, so that’s what I did.  I built this business with 1 hour a day!  That’s it!!  I fell in love with this business that you would find me waking up earlier to talk to more people and even staying up later at night.  I was so IN LOVE with what I was doing that it didn’t feel like work and I just wanted to plug in all the time.

I was surrounded by some of the most uplifting people who were on my team and we just wanted everyone to succeed.  These women pushed me and encouraged me to dream a little bigger and try a little harder. This wasn’t something I ever experienced in Corporate America.  I felt like it was always a competition when I was an accountant and I was surrounded by so my gossip and negativity that I became a depressing person. This business allowed me to transform from the inside out.  I started reaching health and fitness goals, my colitis was in remission, I was happier and healthier, and therefore, a BETTER MOM to my children.  This was EXACTLY what I NEEDED in my life. I made a decision in 2013 that I was going to quit my job in a year and sure enough I made it happen!!  I no longer work as an accountant.  Instead, I live a fulfilling life that provides for my family financially, emotionally and physically and I have never been happier.

Does any of this resonate with you?  Maybe I just described your life in some ways?

If so, then I can help you!  Because I have done it myself.  My team and I have created systems that work for the busy mom who works and doesn’t have a lot of extra time to plug in to this for hours a day.   Someone who doesn’t feel like she has any credentials but truly wants something more for her life.

If you are interested in overcoming these burdens that are holding you back from reaching your  true potential in life then fill out this form below and apply to my next Glance Into coaching group.  This is a private group run on Facebook where you will get to hear stories from the coaches on our team and learn exactly what we do and how you can do it too.  There’s no obligation to join, I truly want you to learn more and see it it’s a good fit for YOU.

I look forward to seeing YOU in my next group

xo, Tarnya

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