My morning metabolism drink

I am back to drinking my ACV drink in the morning!!

Why did I ever stop you ask?

Im not sure!  For a while I just forgot to buy apple juice, and then I forgot about it!

So why did I start drinking it again?

Well because I’ve been doing a lot of research on hormones and metabolism and I have learned so much!! One reason why I started drinking this is to help my metabolism function better! Since I drink a lot of coffee I am trying to balance the pH levels. I don’t track my pH but I drink 1-2 cups of coffee every day so I know this drink is going to help!

The ACV combined with cayenne pepper and cinnamon are metabolism boosters!! Since ACV should be diluted, I use organic apple juice! This drink doesn’t taste that great, but that’s not why I drink it so I just suck it up 🙂

I use 4oz of organic apple juice, 2 tb ACV, dash of cayenne pepper 🌶 And cinnamon!

You can also use pineapple 🍍 juice and honey 🍯 instead!

After just two weeks I feel like my body is responding! It is probably that and the fact that I started lifting weights again! Either way, my body is FINALLY moving in the right direction again!!



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