Low Residue Diet

Why am I posting about this kind of diet?  Well it was pretty much the only way I could eat for a long time and I've been getting lots of questions from people who are needing to follow a similar meal plan so I thought I would make a post about it.  Long overdue that's... Continue Reading →

**WARNING, Gets a little personal***

**WARNING, Gets a little personal*** These supplement bottles were my life back in 2012! This was my daily regimen with the addition of the refrigerated probiotics that cost over $50 and L-Glutamine that are missing from this picture! I was taking well over 20 pills a day when I was following a heal your gut... Continue Reading →

Keeping the inflammation away

August 2009 - diagnosed with a severe onset of ulcerative colitis that affected my ENTIRE colon. Dr told me I would never live off medication!!! For 3 years I struggled to find a medication plan that worked for me. 2012 I was told I would need to consider having my colon removed. Dr said my... Continue Reading →

Colitis Update – Colonoscopy Time

The time finally arrived!  A procedure most people get anxious about but I was relatively calm and actually excited.  Nervous of course but excited. The prep didn't go as smoothly as in the past. 3:45 prep began:  I felt like I was going to be sick to my stomach for a good two hours and nothing... Continue Reading →

April-a turning point

April is a month I'll never forget! In April of 2013 I slowly weaned off my ulcerative colitis medications and by the end of the month I was 100% medication free! I had a choice to make: either have my colon removed or FIGHT with all my might despite being completely run down and feeling... Continue Reading →

My Ulcerative Colitis Update

As promised, here is my update!  My last GI appt was in November and it went really well.  Still no symptoms.  Still no medications.  Still going strong and my Dr. is on board with my plan to just keep doing what I"m doing.  I  don't go back to see my GI Dr. until 2015.  I'm... Continue Reading →

Where’s the bathroom? UC update and having faith

If you suffer from IBD and/or IBS then you can most likely relate to my title of this blog.  It seems like so long ago to me now but I spent many years as a slave to my home because I was afraid I wouldn't make it to the bathroom.  Having two small kids can... Continue Reading →

My battle with colitis

In August of 2009 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis after a month long battle with some really terrible symptoms that landed me in the hospital for a week.  I had chronic diarrhea and probably went to the bathroom about once every hour.  During this time I still continued to work at my full time... Continue Reading →

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