FREE Virtual Challenge

  Did you set a New Years Resolution to be your healthiest YOU yet? It's not too late to make this happen and I would LOVE to help you!!  This 2 week challenge will run from September 11th - 24th and will include: 25-40 minute daily workouts that you'll stream from your phone, tablet, computer, or smart tv... Continue Reading →

I can’t get enough of this workout!

I am so grateful for all of the supportive friends I have in life. The comments and messages I received in regards to my transformation photo I posted were so overwhelmingly supportive! I'm so thankful I shared my journey because I had no idea so many of you could relate to how I felt and... Continue Reading →

I refuse to throw those shorts away

I have that one pair of shorts I hang on to in hopes that they will fit me again! 🙈 Yup I've been guilty of that before and it's the worst feeling when you can't squeeze in to them anymore right? I mean who wants to buy a bigger size? Not me! A beautiful mama... Continue Reading →

Country Heat Transformation

Check out Stephanie's results from doing Country heat for - wait for it. - 30 DAYS! 😱 You may be wondering what the heck is Country Heat❓❗️❓ It's the newest Beachbody workout program that launched in July! Stephanie was one of the lucky ones chosen to test it out!! Who said you couldn't get great... Continue Reading →

Way Back Wednesday

You see about 16 years ago there was this girl who was overweight and truly unhappy with herself 😔. She refused to go out in public because she felt disgusting. She saw herself far bigger than she was and she obsessed about her weight 24 hours a day. But this same girl was always very... Continue Reading →

I’m spoiled

I'm SPOILED!! 🙈😁 Yup I'm keeping it real! 👉🏻I workout in front of my AC with the ceiling fan blowing above me! 👉🏻I don't like coming up with my own workouts so I have a "trainer" tell me exactly what workout to do each day and I have a schedule printed out so I can... Continue Reading →

Are you feeling stressed?

The Holiday season is officially upon us and while that should be a time for peace, love and family, it ends up turning into a time for stress, indulgence and frustration. I get it:  you have so many holiday parties coming up; your job is super demanding at the end of the year, your kids... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st Day of Fall and My Charity Run Challenge

I cannot believe today is the first day of fall can you?   Fall is such a beautiful season, but, often gets lost when you live in New England.  It's hard to appreciate the beautiful colors and the crisp mornings when you know what is coming next - WINTER!!  I think that we would appreciate... Continue Reading →

The end of exerCIZE is here!

 When I was asked to make a video of myself doing Cize I was thinking "Yeah right!  I can't dance!  I'll just have my daughter do it for me."  But when I asked her, she decided she didn't want to do it and that meant I had to. I logged into Beachbody On Demand and... Continue Reading →

Fit for ’15! Avoid the 7-10 lb Holiday weight gain!

  Are you someone who goes through this vicious cycle every year gaining and losing the same 7-10 lbs?  I used to be this way too!  It started with Halloween because I always wanted just one more piece of candy and then that turned into 10 pieces which led to binging on desserts because I... Continue Reading →

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