FREE Virtual Challenge

  Did you set a New Years Resolution to be your healthiest YOU yet? It's not too late to make this happen and I would LOVE to help you!!  This 2 week challenge will run from September 11th - 24th and will include: 25-40 minute daily workouts that you'll stream from your phone, tablet, computer, or smart tv... Continue Reading →

My Journey on my New Program – Week 2

So I started my journey on Monday July 17th just like I said I would and it's been amazing so far!! I am LOVING the workouts and how just about ANYONE can do them. This week we moved on to 35 minute workouts! Here is my meal plan for week 2! I made several of... Continue Reading →

My Journey On my New workout program – Week 1

So I started my journey on Monday July 17th just like I said I would and it's been amazing so far!!  I am LOVING the workouts and how just about ANYONE can do them.  Here's a clip of me doing the 25 minute cardio.  The workouts alternate between cardio and Strength each day.  Week one... Continue Reading →

Say yes to your kids and no to your boss!

Are you missing out on your kid’s activities because of your 9-5? Do you feel burnt out and pulled in a thousand different directions? Do you long for a job that you are passionate about and gives you FREEDOM? Are you living ground hog day where you wake up to go to work and then... Continue Reading →

Brussel Sprouts!

What are your favorite seasonings? Paprika, cumin and garlic powder are the 3 most used seasonings in my house 😍 and I can't get enough Brussel sprouts in my life either!  I actually didn't like eating brussel sprouts until this year.  I found them too chewy and didn't have the right seasonings.  A lot of... Continue Reading →

My transformation

#transformationtuesday To say I have completely transformed would be an understatement! The girl on the left was broken. She spenther days looking in the mirror and not liking what she saw. She literally thought about her weight 24 hours a day and would try and hide it. She knew absolutely nothing about nutrition and was... Continue Reading →

New month, New goals!

💚💚💚 Happy March!!! 💚💚💚 "It's a NEW month to set new goals! I like to look at what I accomplished last month, see if my efforts need to be improved, and set bigger goals to crush this month! I always set goals that are a little bit bigger than the previous month in order to... Continue Reading →

A lot has changed….

#transformationTuesday Have you ever felt miserable in your own skin? Like, you should be happy because something amazing (like the birth of your child) just happened and you should be proud but you just feel depressed? Because that is exactly how I felt. I was barely into my 20s when I got pregnant with my... Continue Reading →

Food Friday: Blondie Muffins

Over the last 10 years I have found that the reason I am able to stick to my nutrition plan 80% of the time is because I am able to find healthier recipes that taste "not so healthy." You know those foods that you actually feel guilty eating?  Yeah those foods BUT they are actually... Continue Reading →

Fit during Pregnancy

Today's #throwbackThursday post is coming at you early today because I'm super inspired by this girl and don't want to wait. Lauren  is someone I get to be on this coaching journey with and she is just incredibly amazing, inspiring and gorgeous inside and out. This girl achieves anything she puts her mind to. She... Continue Reading →

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