My transformation

#transformationtuesday To say I have completely transformed would be an understatement! The girl on the left was broken. She spenther days looking in the mirror and not liking what she saw. She literally thought about her weight 24 hours a day and would try and hide it. She knew absolutely nothing about nutrition and was... Continue Reading →

A lot has changed….

#transformationTuesday Have you ever felt miserable in your own skin? Like, you should be happy because something amazing (like the birth of your child) just happened and you should be proud but you just feel depressed? Because that is exactly how I felt. I was barely into my 20s when I got pregnant with my... Continue Reading →

Fit during Pregnancy

Today's #throwbackThursday post is coming at you early today because I'm super inspired by this girl and don't want to wait. Lauren ย is someone I get to be on this coaching journey with and she is just incredibly amazing, inspiring and gorgeous inside and out. This girl achieves anything she puts her mind to. She... Continue Reading →

My Tummy Tuck Transformation

Ahhhh Ok this makes me sooooo nervous to post because I have NEVER posted a before picture like this!!! (picture in comments) If you don't know, in August I had a tummy tuck with ab tightening done. I had diastasis recti and had no idea, but honestly I wasn't even focused on my abs because... Continue Reading →

I’ve never worn a bikini

You see after high school I started exercising and losing weight. Daily walks were becoming routine and at the age of 19 I finally felt confident wearing a sports bra and shorts during my outdoor runs! But at the young age of 21 I became pregnant with my first child. I decided to use pregnancy... Continue Reading →

I refuse to throw those shorts away

I have that one pair of shorts I hang on to in hopes that they will fit me again! ๐Ÿ™ˆ Yup I've been guilty of that before and it's the worst feeling when you can't squeeze in to them anymore right? I mean who wants to buy a bigger size? Not me! A beautiful mama... Continue Reading →

Country Heat Transformation

Check out Stephanie's results from doing Country heat for - wait for it. - 30 DAYS! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ You may be wondering what the heck is Country Heatโ“โ—๏ธโ“ It's the newest Beachbody workout program that launched in July! Stephanie was one of the lucky ones chosen to test it out!! Who said you couldn't get great... Continue Reading →

Way Back Wednesday

You see about 16 years ago there was this girl who was overweight and truly unhappy with herself ๐Ÿ˜”. She refused to go out in public because she felt disgusting. She saw herself far bigger than she was and she obsessed about her weight 24 hours a day. But this same girl was always very... Continue Reading →

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